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An endoprosthesis for a hip joint includes an acetabular implant and a femoral implant. The acetabular implant has a socket with a socket opening intersecting the rim of the socket in a plane. At least two tubular guides for positioning at the cranial region of the bone are attached to and laterally offset from the socket opening, have axes perpendicular to the socket plane, and slidingly receive attachment screws the ends of which are threaded into the bone. The femoral implant has a spherical head movably positioned in the acetabular socket which is mounted to an attachment member the distal side of which has a conical attachment surface bearing against the resected femoral neck. A sliding rod extends coaxially with the femoral neck axis laterally and distally into a sleeve connected to a plate which is secured to the femur.

Hip joint endoprosthesis
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July 23, 1993
Publication Date
December 27, 1994
Heinz Winkler
Oberlaaerstrasse 314, A-1232 Vienna
Townsend and Townsend Khourie and Crew
A61F 2/28
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