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A multi-chip module having very high density interconnect structures and a technique for making it, where all of the chips have their active device surfaces in a common plane. The chips are placed face down on an adjacent adhesive layer located on a substrate, which is preferably a flexible material. A conformal material is deposited over the backsides of the chips and in the spaces between the chips. A ground plane or metallic shield can then be formed over the conformal layer, if desired. The structure is then turned over and the glass layer on which the substrate is located is removed. Access vias are made through the substrate to the chip I/O's, and metallization provided to the chips. Interconnect metallization is then provided to complete the multi-chip module. In one embodiment, the substrate on which the chips are first supported is the first level of insulation above the active device surfaces of the chips and also ensures that the active device surfaces are in a common plane.

Method of forming multi-chip module with high density interconnections
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November 23, 1993
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December 20, 1994
Kurt R Grebe
24 Van Nydeck Ave., Beacon, 12508
H05K 3/30
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