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A method and apparatus for anchoring suture to bone includes an anchor formed by twisting a wire to provide a loop with two legs extending distally from the twist. Each leg bends outwardly through 180.degree. to define respective knee segments between inner and outer leg segments, the outer leg segments terminating in sharp points for penetrating a bone tunnel wall. The outer leg segments are initially parallel and define an anchor width smaller than the bone tunnel diameter, thereby permitting the anchor to be inserted into and removed from the tunnel. The anchor is deployed with an insertion tool arranged to deformably pivot the outer leg segments about the knee segments, thereby causing the pointed ends to penetrate the tunnel wall in response to applied withdrawal forces. The anchor wire may be assembled on an anchor sleeve through which the loop projects proximally while the outer leg segments reside in wire relief recesses defined in the sleeve periphery. The insertion tool selectively forces the sleeve against the inside of the knee segments while engaging the loop to thereby deformably pivot the outer leg segments. The insertion tool may include resiliently spaced jaws for engaging the wire loop, the jaws being disposed at the distal end of a rod selectively retractable into a tube to force the jaws closed. Further retraction of the rod applies the axial force for bending the wire legs.

Suture anchor for soft tissue fixation
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June 18, 1993
Publication Date
December 13, 1994
Arthur F Trott
Linvatec Corporation
A61B 17/56
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