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This invention discloses a waste receptacle comprising a waste receiving volume. The bag storing volume is defined by at least two axially opposed generally planar second vertical sidewalls of lesser height than the height of the first upwardly extending sidewalls, two of the second vertical sidewalls extending generally parallel to each other and defining a first horizontal dimension of the bag storing volume, a bottom portion closing the bottom of the waste receptacle, the bottom portion including portions integrally joined with the first upwardly extending sidewalls and with the second vertical sidewalls and forming a connection between them, the first horizontal dimension of the bag storing volume being substantially smaller than a corresponding second horizontal dimension between the first upwardly extending sidewalls measured along a line lying in a vertical plane extending between and substantially perpendicular to the two second vertical sidewalls, and the bottom portion lying between the at least two vertical sidewalls further having a central raised portion providing a platform for supporting a supply of disposable bags to be stored in the waste receptacle.

Bag dispensing waste receptacle
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February 25, 1993
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December 13, 1994
Gary W Jennings
5709 E. Belknap #1175, Ft. Worth, 76117
Charles A Bevelacqua
B65D 30/00
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