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Implantable biomedical sensor device for measuring in vivo the presence and/or concentration of physiological substances, such as the concentration of glucose, in a human or animal body. A miniaturized electronic responder (1) arranged in a closed housing (2) of biocompatible material in an electromagnetic interrogation field is capable of contactlessly exchanging binary coded information with a transmitter/receiver, and includes electrical connections (4, 5, 6) passed through the wall of the housing, at least a work electrode (10), a counter-electrode (8) and preferably also a reference electrode (9) outside the housing. The work electrode includes a membrane (13) with hollow fibers extending transversely to the surface of the membrane and having internal walls coated with a conductive polymer (15) and in which a redox enzyme (16) is disposed. One end of the hollow fibers is in electrical contact with a processing device (20) which converts the signals supplied by the work electrode in operation to binary signals.

Implantable biomedical sensor device, suitable in particular for measuring the concentration of glucose
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February 3, 1993
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December 13, 1994
Johannes H L Hogen Esch
Jacobson Price Holman & Stern
N V Nederlandsche Apparatenfabriek Nedap
A61B 5/00
A61B 5/07
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