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A shopper's caddy for supporting filled plastic grocery bags during transportation from a store to a consumer's home, for example, includes a pair of panel members which interconnect in cruciform configuration to provide four bag-receiving areas in which filled bags may be hung from the panels. The pair of panels include bag-hanging features adjacent to the end edges thereof so that the integral loop handles of the grocery bags may hang from the panels. Part of the weight of the filled bags rests upon a floor supporting the caddy, and the remainder of the grocery weight is transferred to the caddy to stabilize this caddy on the floor. The hanging features may also accept additional filled bags at corresponding ends of the panels so that the caddy in one configuration may support a dozen filled grocery bags. The caddy knocks down to only two flat panels which are easily stored in an automobile trunk, for example.

Shoppers caddy
Application Number
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October 1, 1993
Publication Date
November 22, 1994
Thomas P Thompson
38 Camino Katia, San Clemente, 92672-9420
Poms Smith Lande & Rose
A63B 55/04
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