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An integrated circuit computing device is comprised of a dynamically configurable Field Programmable Gate Array (FPGA). This gate array is configured to implement a RISC processor and a Reconfigurable Instruction Execution Unit. Since the FPGA can be dynamically reconfigured, the Reconfigurable Instruction Execution Unit can be dynamically changed to implement complex operations in hardware rather than in time-consuming software routines. This feature allows the computing device to operate at speeds that are orders of magnitude greater than traditional RISC or CISC counterparts. In addition, the programmability of the computing device makes it very flexible and hence, ideally suited to handle a large number of very complex and different applications.

Integrated circuit computing device comprising a dynamically configurable gate array having a microprocessor and reconfigurable instruction execution means and method therefor
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December 11, 1992
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November 1, 1994
Kent L Gilson
255 N. Main St., Apt. 210, Salt Lake City, 84115
Harry M Weiss
G06F 15/31
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