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The present invention provides a system capable of scheduling conventional tournaments. The system may also be made universal in that the system may be adapted for use in different types of tournaments such as single or double elimination tournaments for any type of tournament event. The tournament management system includes a digital computer having a processor operating under a set of instructions, memory, at least one input port, and at least one output port. Also included is a data entry device such as a keyboard for entering and converting tournament information into machine readable data signals. The data entry device is connected to the computer via a first data transfer device. Tournament information data signals are received and stored in computer memory for processing by the processor. The digital computer processes the tournament information according to a set of instructions that calls other processes to schedule matches according to a reasonable tournament schema in order to produce a match scheduling and tournament results chart. The processed tournament information is organized into a match scheduling and tournament results chart which schedules the tournament and the tournament information may then be transferred to an output device by a second and transfer device informing tournament officials, referees, teams/players, and spectators of the tournament status.

Automated universal tournament management system
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November 13, 1992
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October 25, 1994
Anthony L Sabaliauskas
2004 Glenwood Ave., Papillion, 68128
John A Beehner
G06F 15/44
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