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An apparatus, for simultaneous or selective treatment of an area of the skin and adjacent subcutaneous structure of a patient utilizing photo energy and therapeutic heat, which includes a plurality of juxtaposed diodes. Each diode has a longitudinal axis and is capable of projecting a non-coherent cone of light which overlaps the cone of light from each juxtaposed diode so that the light completely covers the treatment area. A flexible pad or appliance holds the diodes in juxtaposed position with each other. Each is held in contact with the skin and has a longitudinal axis which is in substantially perpendicular relationship to the skin. A resistor heats each diode, which acts as a heat sink, so that the treatment area of the skin and the adjacent subcutaneous structure of the mammal receive light and thermal treatment simultaneously. An adjustable control varies the light intensity of the diodes and the amount of heat generated by the resistor in a selected and controlled manner. Indicia is provided for visibly indicating the setting of the control means so that repetitive treatment is possible. A grid system can be established over at least a portion of the surface of the skin of a population of patients to establish a data base for establishing treatment parameters for future patients.

Photo-thermal therapeutic device and method
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January 25, 1994
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October 25, 1994
Joseph P Markham
12094 W. 75th Pl., Arvad, 80005
Dale E Bertwell
2100 Dayton, Denver, 80231
Fields Lewis Pittenger Rost & Smith
A61N 5/06
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