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An image information control apparatus includes a partial write detector having at least two types of memory units for detecting and storing addresses accessed to a VRAM in units of lines in a scanning direction, thereby repeating the detection and the storage at different cycles, a circuit for performing calculations to recognize partial write information from contents of each of the memory units, memory units for storing the respective calculation results, a circuit for comparing the memory contents to determine a size relationship between partial write areas, a partial write ID signal controller for controlling a partial write ID signal on the basis of the size relationship between partial write areas and externally outputting the signal, and a circuit for, even when partial writing is being executed, forcibly interrupting the partial writing in accordance with a state of an external refresh control signal, starting refresh, and restarting the partial writing in accordance with a partial write state and a change in state of the refresh control signal.

Image information control apparatus and display system
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December 3, 1993
Publication Date
October 18, 1994
Hiroshi Inoue
Fitzpatrick Cella Harper & Scinto
Canon Kabushiki Kaisha
G09G 3/36
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