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An apparatus for emitting a selectively adjustable laser beam for illuminating a target at various distances from the apparatus, whereby the width of the laser beam may be broadened or narrowed selectively, so as to maintain the diameter of the beam imprint at a constant on targets of various distances. A mechanism is provided for selectively sliding the laser source with respect to a lens system, to thereby achieve a particular distance between the laser source and the lens system, this particular distance determining the width of the laser beam. The apparatus is mounted directly to a weapon for sighting purposes, and further comprises a windage and elevation adjustment mechanism; a remote control system whereby the laser beam can be narrowed or broadened without having to directly access the main housing; and a drop compensation mechanism whereby projectile drop is compensated for automatically.

Laser beam sighting apparatus with a selectively adjustable beam width
Application Number
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September 9, 1993
Publication Date
October 18, 1994
Reynold A Schenke
290 Old Leacock Rd., Paradise, 17562
Jacobson Price Holman & Stern
F41G 1/36
F41G 1/35
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