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An air cushion grip with a cubic structure and shock-absorbing function for fixing around the handle of a tennis racket, a hammer, a bicycle or the like, and comprising an outer flat layer and a bottom layer provided with a plurality of round and/or straight grooves, the vertical walls of which form a plurality of air cells which may be either independent or communicating with one another. The air cells may be inflated or deflated with an air pump which may be permanently attached to one of the air cells for adjusting the elasticity and shock-absorbing ability of the grip.

Air cushion grip with a cubic supporting structure and shock-absorbing function
Application Number
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Application Date
March 4, 1993
Publication Date
October 18, 1994
Ing Chung Huang
No. 15 Reh-Her 1st Street, Kaohsiung City
Bacon & Thomas
A47J 45/10
A47B 95/02
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