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An arbor press staple and washer of the invention is for use in a practice of a surgical procedure for securing a ligament, that is either natural or prosthetic, onto a bone cortex surface and includes a staple having spaced equal parallel legs with a flat web arranged between the top ends of the staple legs. The staple is for driving into a bone cortex surface and includes barb ridges around three of its four sides for resisting staple withdrawal. The staple flat web includes at least one hole, that is preferably tapped, formed therethrough that is for receiving a threaded section of a threaded pin turned therethrough, and includes a pair of guide posts that extend, at right angles, from the web undersurface. An arbor plate type washer, that is a flat plate that has concave notches formed in opposite ends, is for arrangement between the staple legs, the concave notches sliding along the staple legs prohibiting washer rotation. The flat plate includes a pair of guide post holes that receive the guide pins that extend from the staple web undersurface, and includes a center smooth hole wherethrough a pin end of the threaded pin travels to where the threaded section lower face and engages the flat plate top surface, the continued turning of the threaded pin to urge the washer away from the staple web, causing spikes that extend from the washer flat plate undersurface to travel through a ligament that the staple legs straddle and into a bone cortex surface.

Arbor press staple and washer and method for its use
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May 12, 1993
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October 4, 1994
David P Luman
1430 E. 1260 North, Logan, 84321
E Marlowe Goble
850 E. 1200 North, Logan, 84321
M Reid Russell
A61F 5/04
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