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A system for attaching a rod, pipe or tube to a support surface in a spaced relationship thereto using plastic mounting devices, each of which has a central body portion, integral spaced apart leg portions and an inner arcuate surface greater than 180 degrees and having terminal end portions spaced from end surfaces of the leg portion, in an automated process wherein the leg portions are restrained from pivotal movement relative to the central body portion so that the portions of the mounting device adjacent to the terminal end portions will deform as they move over the rod, pipe or tube and then resile to move the rod, pipe or tube into the inner arcuate surfaces.

Apparatus for mounting relatively rigid objects
Application Number
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January 7, 1993
Publication Date
September 27, 1994
Peter G Mangone Jr
28600 Buchanan Dr., Evergreen, 80439
Joseph J Kelly
B25C 5/02
F16B 15/08
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