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A data capture system is disclosed as comprising a plurality of client data collection terminals, and a server station. Each terminal including a mechanism for collecting data, a dynamic addressable memory and a first controller operating on data formatted in a first style. The server station comprises mass memory, which is larger than the dynamic addressable memory of a terminal for storing data to be used by the data collection terminals, an addresser responsive to a memory altering request for addressing the mass memory and a second controller operating on data formatted in a second style different from said first style. The data stored in the dynamic addressable memory is formatted in the second style. A communication system interconnects the server station and each of the plurality of client data collection terminals. The first controller of each client data collection terminal is responsive to a need for further data to generate a memory altering request and for actuating the communication system to transmit the generated request to the server station. The request is generated to identify its terminal and the particular needed data. The second controller of the server station is responsive to the transmitted request to address and retrieve the needed data from the mass memory before actuating the communication system to transmit the needed data back to the requesting terminal as identified by the request.

Versatile RF data capture system
Application Number
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August 21, 1991
Publication Date
September 20, 1994
Lyle L Zumbach
Cedar Rapids
Michael D Morris
Cedar Rapids
McAndrews Held & Malloy
Norand Corporation
G06F 15/21
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