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A water-splash protected electric switch apparatus which includes a casing of electrically insulating material and fixed contacts housed within the casing. A closure wall sealingly closes off the front of the casing. A pair of control push buttons disposed exteriorally of the closure wall are connected to respective ones of a pair of transmission rods that pass through the closure wall to actuate a contact element. The contact element is actuated to establish continuity or to break continuity between fixed contacts within the casing. Guide collars on the closure wall have perimetric walls on the push buttons sealingly associated therewith.

Protection device against water splashes for electric switches and the like
Application Number
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July 19, 1993
Publication Date
September 20, 1994
Cesare Gallone
Via Milano 27, 20010 Cornaredo (MI)
Kolisch Hartwell Dickinson McCormack & Heuser
H01H 19/06
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