05348383 is referenced by 4 patents and cites 9 patents.

A display case with a lid or door being capable of opening in two directions about an axes perpendicular to each opening direction. The lid or door is attached to a subframe with a pivotal means, such as a hinge, and the subframe is attached to a main frame with a pivotal means perpendicular to the pivotal means attached between the lid and the subframe. The lid or door can be opened in one direction by pivoting the pivotal means attached between the lid and subframe or can be opened the position perpendicular to that by pivoting the pivotal means between the subframe and main frame, thus pivoting the lid and subframe together.

Two way opening display case
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October 30, 1992
Publication Date
September 20, 1994
K Thomas Ritt
P.O. Box 430, Sunland Park, 88063
E06B 11/00
A47F 3/00
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