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A garbage container has a housing with a rear wall, opposite side walls extending forwardly therefrom and a lid hingedly connected to the top of the rear wall and extending forwardly therefrom so as to rest on the top of the side walls in a closed position. A waste supporting platform is located within the housing and is pivotally connected adjacent its front edge to the opposite side walls for pivotal movement about a horizontal axis. A front wall extends upwardly from the front edge of the platform and has a top edge level with the top of the side walls in the closed position. A connecting member is pivotally connected to a rear portion of the platform and to a rear portion of the underside of the lid to cause upward opening movement of the lid to pivot the platform upwardly about its pivotal connection to the side walls with resultant forward pivotal movement of the front wall to facilitate access to the interior of the container.

Garbage container
Application Number
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February 9, 1993
Publication Date
September 20, 1994
Roy Patey
174 Berkindale Drive, Stoney Creek, Ontario
Rogers & Scott
B65D 91/00
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