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The method of forming an inflatable tub that includes shaping inner and outer plastic sheets to form tub upright side walls and end walls, and corners between the walls; bonding the sheets at each wall to form panels bonded together at certain locations, and introducing inflation fluid between the sheet to space them apart from one another at other locations about the panels by inflation pressure, whereby each wall defines upright inner and outer sides with substantially uniform maximum spacing between the inner and outer sides along the inflated walls between the corners; and providing the tub with a bottom wall defined by bottom plastic sheet structure connected to lowermost extents of the side and end walls and the corners.

Method of fabricating inflatable bathing tub and associated support apparatus
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February 8, 1993
Publication Date
September 13, 1994
Clifford Plone
1619 W. Coventry Pl., Palmdale, 93551
William W Haefliger
A47K 3/06
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