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An extended rigid interface frame with upper and lower rails joined to a firearm receiver and extending forward above the firearm's barrel to a head assembly replacing the firearm's normal front sight. A weaver type interface return portion is provided below the barrel from the head assembly to the receiver. A yoke braces the extended rigid frame receiver sleeve of the present invention to the forward portion of the firearm's receiver. The distal end of the extended rigid frame receiver sleeve terminates in the front sight housing which connects the upper and lower rails and provides a housing for advanced laser and sensor components, and the standard front sight bead. The front sight housing is self supported by the connection of the upper and lower rails running back to the yoke and secured to the top of the receiver. The barrel of the rifle is free floating in that it does not touch the extended rigid frame receiver sleeve in any manner. Protective spring-loaded hand guards are incorporated into the extended rigid frame receiver sleeve, thereby protecting a user's hands from a hot barrel, eliminating any pressure on the barrel, and providing quick access to the barrel area.

Extended rigid frame receiver sleeve
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March 30, 1992
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September 6, 1994
Richard E Swan
375 West St., W. Bridgewater, 02379
John P McGonagle
F41G 1/00
F41G 1/387
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