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A gaming machine combines a random selection feature with a skill feature to allow the player to utilize his ability to manipulate the skill feature to improve his chances of winning on the gaming machine. A reel slot machine is combined with a playing surface using a ball. The reel slot machine is first activated and a combination of slot symbols are randomly selected. The player manipulates a ball about a playing surface and the travel of the ball can result in additional spins of one or more reels of the slot machine so that other winning opportunities can be created. The gaming machine can be operated so that the playing surface is only activated when the player achieves a losing combination on the reel slot machine portion. This allows the player a second chance to win if he can use his skill on the playing surface to respin the reel slots. The player can also win "bonus" amounts as set out on a predetermined schedule of payouts by his skillful manipulation of the ball on the playing surface. Alternatively, the playing surface is activated after each spin of the reels to allow the player the opportunity to respin one or more of the reel slots after a losing spin or to improve a low pay winning spin. Finally, the gaming machine can be operated with a progressive jackpot feature using the results of the spin of the slot reels, the skillful manipulation of the playfield feature or both.

Gaming machine with skill feature
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March 3, 1993
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August 30, 1994
Claude A Fernandez
5028 S. Rainbow Blvd., #202, Las Vegas, 89118
Leroy H Gutknecht
5673 Annie Oakley, Las Vegas, 89120
Michael Wichinsky
2575 S. Highland Dr., Las Vegas, 89109
John Edward Roethel
A63F 7/00
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