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This invention discloses a support and display apparatus for supporting and displaying disc-like objects of predetermined size and shape, the support and display apparatus comprising at least one elongated structural member having a width, a thickness, a length, and an upper surface, the length of the elongated structural member being at least equal to an overall dimension of a face of a disc-like object which is to be supported and displayed, the structural member having a uniform continuous groove formed in its upper surface, the continuous groove having a bottom surface and opposed front and back sides, the front and back sides being spaced from each other at any opposed corresponding point by a space at least equal to the thickness of a disc-like object which is to be supported and displayed.

The structural members may be joined together to support and display a relatively large array of disc-like objects.

Apparatus for supporting and displaying objects
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March 25, 1993
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August 30, 1994
William D James Jr
2305 Tenbrook Rd., Arnold, 63010
Charles A Bevelacqua
A47F 7/00
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