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A system for the exchange of data between a transfer device and an "intelligent insertable object" that comprises an electronic memory associated with an access circuit and emulates a magnetic recording support with respect to a magnetic read/write head of the transfer device, the data exchange bit rate of the transfer device being greater than that of the circuit providing access to the memory of the insertable object, the system comprising means to limit the bit rate of useful elements in the apparent bit rate of data elements entering and leaving the transfer device, so that it is compatible with the bit rate leaving and entering the circuit providing access to the memory of the insertable object. The system can be applied notably to the exchange of data elements between a microcomputer and an electronic card that can be inserted into the disk drive of the microcomputer or into a memory card reader.

System for the exchange of data between an electronic object coupled to a transfer device with distinct data bit rates, insertable object and corresponding transfer device
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April 16, 1992
Publication Date
August 16, 1994
Francois Grieu
Merchant & Gould Smith Edell Welter & Schmidt
G06K 19/06
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