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A candle, comprising: a container closed at its bottom and open at its top; a first combustible material within the container, which material is liquid at room temperature; a second combustible material, which is solid at room temperature, overlying the first combustible material and closing the open top of the container; and a wick immersed in the first combustible material and projecting outwardly through the second combustible material. The second combustible material is liquified by heat at the time of its application and is of a density lower than that of the first combustible material so as to float thereover as it solidifies.

Candle and method of making same
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September 24, 1993
Publication Date
August 16, 1994
Shimon Elharar
4 Yehudit Street, Entrance B, 94344 Jerusalem
Benjamin J Barish
F23D 3/16
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