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An irrigation system having a microprocessor-based controller for providing a desired degree of watering to an area which is divided up into zones, with each zone including a solenoid water valve in series with one or more water dispensing devices, such as spray heads or a drip irrigation tube. Also associated with each of the zones is a moisture sensor which is arranged to be periodically interrogated by the microprocessor-based controller and, when interrogated, provides an electrical signal proportional to the degree of moisture in the soil proximate the sensor. A feature of the invention is that the microprocessor-based controller is extremely easy to program due to the combination of a display screen on which various menus can be presented and a minimum quantity of push-button keys for calling up the menus and for altering sprinkling parameters that are displayed on the menu screens.

Microprocessor-based irrigation system with moisture sensors in multiple zones
Application Number
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July 1, 1993
Publication Date
August 16, 1994
Troy C Olson
7505 N. Shore Cir., Forest Lake, 55025
Haugen and Nikolai
A01G 25/16
B05B 12/12
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