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The present invention provides a system and method for implanting electric leads in the pericardial space of a heart. The system includes a suction cup mounted to the distal end of a guiding catheter. A vacuum pump evacuates the guiding catheter whereby the suction cup is held against the pericardium. An endoscope fitted through the guiding catheter is used to observe the surface of the pericardium. A needle selectively deployable from the end of a flexible wire guide is fitted through the guiding catheter and cuts an access hole through the pericardium into the pericardial space. The distal tip of the wire guide is deflected into a "J" shape to anchor the wire guide in the pericardial space. A dilator having a blunt, tapered end and a longitudinal bore slides over the wire guide and is advanced to the pericardial space to dilate the access hole. A flexible sheath slides over the dilator to form a channel when the dilator is withdrawn from the wire guide. An electric lead is advanced through the channel to penetrate the pericardial space and is secured therein with an anchor flange at the end of the electrical lead.

System and method for implanting cardiac electrical leads
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June 22, 1992
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August 9, 1994
Donald M Cohen
17512 Luther Ave., Irvine, 92714
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