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A laparoscopic fixation, repair and ligation suture; and device has a central passageway with first and second parallel channels on opposite sides thereof. A suture extends through the central channel passageway and has a loop with a slip knot on the distal end and a pull on the proximal end. By pulling on the pull the loop can be drawn tightly about a tissue to be ligated. A nesting tube is provided in one channel to receive a suture needle attached to a loopless suture to easily suture to a body cavity wall. In another form, a tapered handle frictionally receives a suture needle attached to a looped and slip knotted suture to repair a tear or rupture in a body part by suturing through one or more laparoscopies without tying ligature knots inside the body cavity. In a third form, a curved carrying device in one channel and a ligation assist device in the other channel permits ligation of large vessels attached to a body part by fibrous tissue.

Parallel channel fixation, repair and ligation suture device
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November 23, 1992
Publication Date
August 9, 1994
Edwin L Adair
317 Paragon Way, Castle Pines Village, 80104
Fields Lewis Pittenger Rost & Smith
A61B 17/00
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