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Endoscopic suture tying apparatus adapted to be grasped by the hand for use in a laparoscopic procedure with an introducer device extending into the body of a patient having a sleeve with a bore therein extending therethrough into the body of the patient. A holding sleeve is provided which is sized so that it can be introduced through the bore of the introducer device. First and second grasping devices are provided which are mounted in the holding sleeve. Each of the grasping devices is comprised of a hollow tubular member having a bore therein and a push-pull rod slidably mounted in the bore in the tubular member. The outer tubular member has proximal and distal extremities. First and second jaws are provided which are secured to the distal extremity of the tubular member. The jaws are movable between open and closed positions with respect to each other. The outer sleeve and the rod are connected to the first and second jaws whereby upon relative movement between the outer sleeve and the rod the first and second jaws are moved between said open and closed positions. Handles are secured to the proximal extremity of the outer sleeve and to the proximal extremity of the rod for causing the relative movement between the tubular and the rod.

Endoscopic suture tying method
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November 4, 1992
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August 9, 1994
Charles S Taylor
4380 - 26th St., San Francisco, 94131
Jonathan J Leichtling
4380 - 26th St., San Francisco
Flehr Hohbach Test Albritton & Herbert
Charles S Taylor
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