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A hospital bed supported on a wheeled base, and a ventilator supported on a wheeled cart and docked to the base of the bed, the combination of ventilator and bed capable of being rolled as a single unit. The ventilator cart includes a wheeled base, and supports connected to the base for supporting a ventilator, with the supports providing for selective raising and lowering of the ventilator. The hospital bed base is wheeled and has a generally Y-shaped base frame. The outspread arms of the Y-shaped base frame receive the ventilator cart so that the two may be docked together. The ventilator when docked to the hospital bed base falls within the footprint of the bed as projected downwardly onto the floor. A latch secures the ventilator to the bed base. A disabling switch disables the high/low function of the bed preventing the bed from being lowered downwardly onto the ventilator. A power supply mounted to the bed base provides for uninterrupted operation of the ventilator. A care cart docks to the foot end of the bed and within the bed's footprint and supplies DC electricity, oxygen and air to the ventilator when the ventilator is docked to the head end of the bed. The care cart has a wheeled base, a battery housing on the base, a support frame for supporting air and oxygen tanks and structure for connecting the cart to the bed base. A motorized dolley is incorporated into another embodiment of the care cart to provide motorized transport of ventilator, bed and cart.

Ventilator and care cart each capable of nesting within and docking with a hospital bed base
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July 13, 1992
Publication Date
August 9, 1994
Ryan A Reeder
L Dale Foster
Wood Herron & Evans
Hill Rom Company
A61G 1/02
A47C 17/86
A61M 16/00
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