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A backside textured papermaking belt is disclosed which is comprised of a framework and a reinforcing structure. The framework has a first surface which defines the paper-contacting side of the belt, a second surface opposite the first surface, and conduits which extend between first and second surfaces of the belt. The first surface of the framework has a paper side network formed therein which defines the conduits. The second surface of the framework has a backside network with passageways that provide surface texture irregularities in the backside network. The papermaking belt is made by applying a coating of photosensitive resinous material to a reinforcing structure which has opaque portions, and then exposing the photosensitive resinous material to light of an activating wavelength through a mask which has transparent and opaque regions and also through the reinforcing structure. A process for making paper products is also disclosed which involves applying a fluid pressure differential from a vacuum source through the belt to a partially-formed embryonic web of papermaking fibers. The fibers in the embryonic web are deflected into the conduits of the papermaking belt by the vacuum pressure while the papermaking belt and the embryonic web travel over the vacuum source. Following the deflection, the paper web is impressed with the paper side network of the belt, and dried to form the final product.

Papermaking belt and method of making the same using differential light transmission techniques
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June 15, 1992
Publication Date
August 2, 1994
Glenn D Boutilier
Blue Ash
Paul D Trokhan
Larry L Huston
Jeffrey V Bamber
The Procter & Gamble Company
D21F 3/00
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