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A system for treating the malfunctioning heart of a patient includes means which derive at least one electrical signal from the patient's heart and means which derive at least two physiologic signals from or related to the patient's circulatory system. The physiologic signals, or functions thereof, are weighted and algebraically summed in a central processing unit, which may be a programmable microprocessor, having a RAM and a ROM, receives and responds to the at least one electrical signal and to the at least two physiologic signals. Output means, which may include a heart assist pump, pacers, drug delivery devices and cardioverting/-defibrillating apparatuses, controlled by the central processing unit provides corrective measure(s) to the patient. Heart-rate zone signals and the algebraic sum, at any given time effect selection of a particular treatment modality, if needed. Adjustable or variable baselines, against which a representation of the current, short-term magnitude of the selected physiologic parameter or parameters are provided. The variable baseline(s) is (are) a representation of the selected physiologic parameter(s) determined over a long term of greater duration than the short term over which the current magnitude(s) of the parameter(s) is (are) measured. The system may be used to carry out a method according to a corresponding series of steps.

System for and method of treating a malfunctioning heart
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May 8, 1992
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July 19, 1994
Todd J Cohen
Port Washington
Leonard Bloom
Leonard Bloom
A61N 1/365
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