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Suture devices, particularly useful in endoscopic surgery, include a suture device made of bioabsorbable material having an elongate body member with a sharp distal end for penetrating tissue and means for locking the suture device in tissue to prevent forward and rearward movement and a suture device made of bioabsorbable material having a hinge-like joint for folding a distal portion at a precise location to be juxtaposed with a proximal portion for adjustable locking. Methods of using the suture devices for joining tissue sections, such as in tuboplasty, for closing anatomical lumens and for subcuticular suturing.

Spiral suture needle for joining tissue
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August 13, 1992
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July 19, 1994
InBae Yoon
2101 Highland Ridge Dr., Phoenix, 21131
A61B 11/00
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