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A protecting sheath for an IV infusion set of the type including a length of tube with a hollow needle at one end, and a pair of outwardly projecting flexible wings adjacent the end of the tubing with the needle is disposed on the tube and adapted to be slid over the needle to cover the needle. The sheath includes a hollow generally tubular body having a forward end oriented toward the needle and a rearward end oriented away from the needle. The body has at least three longitudinally extending fingers separated by slots extending from the forward end of the body toward the rearward end. Each of the slots is dimensioned to receive only one of the wings to allow at least part of sheath to be slid past the wings to cover the needle after use.

Protective sheath for butterfly needles and IV infusion set and sheath assembly
Application Number
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Application Date
October 8, 1993
Publication Date
July 19, 1994
Vincent Chimienti
2 Osborne La., Greenvale, 11548
Peter J Gollobin
54 Woodland Dr., Oyster Bay, 11771
Galgano & Burke
A61N 5/32
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