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A short stroke casing valve with positioning and jetting tools therefor. The casing valve has a sliding sleeve within a housing. The housing defines a housing communication port therethrough, and a seal is disposed on longitudinally opposite sides of the housing communication port. The sleeve has a selective latch profile therein adapted for engagement by the positioning tool. The positioning tool has outwardly biased positioner blocks which automatically engage the sliding sleeve. The positioner blocks have a selective latch profile thereon which is adapted for engagement with the latch profile in the sliding sleeve. This latch profile in the positioner tool prevents undesirable engagement of the positioner blocks with any other portion of the casing string except the latch profile in the casing valve. In one embodiment, a non-rotational jetting tool includes a plurality of circumferentially spaced jetting orifices therein. There is a sufficient number of orifices so that at least one of the orifices is substantially radially aligned with the housing communication port when longitudinally aligned therewith, so that jetting through the housing communication port may be accomplished without rotation of the tool string. A jetting tool having rotational jetting is also disclosed.

Short stroke casing valve with positioning and jetting tools therefor
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June 1, 1993
Publication Date
July 5, 1994
David D Szarka
Neal R Kennedy
James R Duzan
Halliburton Company
E21B 34/14
E21B 23/00
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