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A panel light assembly used in panels. The panel light assembly has a retainer clip for a mounting glazing between two opposing frames that are mounted in apertures in the skins of the panel located on either side of the core of the panel. The retaining clip, preferably made of a springy material, includes longitudinally extending legs depending from opposite longitudinal sides of the clip and which are operable to slide over and securingly engage the panel skins. Oppositely spaced and oppositely directed trim retainer prongs project up from said clip body and generally towards a longitudinal center-line of said clip body for engaging the frames and securing the glazing between the frames in the panels light apertures. The present invention provides at least two skin spacer tabs depending from the clip wherein each of the skin spacer tabs is spaced sufficiently apart from legs so as to be able to receive the skins therebetween. The prongs may be bent up projections cut out from said clip body and may further include a trim release means attached to the projections that are tabs further cut out from the clip. The preferred embodiment of the present invention provides skin apertures with embossed edges indented towards the core along the periphery of each of the apertures wherein the embossed edges are essentially parallel to the surface of the skins. The frames are mounted in the apertures within the embossments such that said frames are flush with the outer surfaces of the skins.

Door window glass and frame assembly
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December 16, 1992
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June 28, 1994
Robert O Ruff
Steven J Rosen
E06B 3/70
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