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This trailer hitch uses a disk with ball connectors of varying sizes and an attachment hole on a circle near the circumference of the disk. Opposed horizontal upper and lower bars pivotally support a vertical shaft through the disk center. A number of locking holes on a circle near the center of the disk are sized to receive a locking rod. A locking hole is located exactly oppose each ball connector and attachment hole. A locking rod extends slideably downward through a hole in the upper bar and opposite the locking hole circle. The locking rod is spring loaded to extend the rod through an aligned locking hole in the disk, and secure the opposite ball or attachment hole in a rearward position for attachment to a trailer. Pulling upward on the handle frees the disk to permit rotating the disk to select a different size trailer connector.

Multiple connector trailer hitch
Application Number
Publication Number
Application Date
April 29, 1993
Publication Date
June 21, 1994
Robert D Schroeder
Rte. 1, Box 128, Lake Crystal, 56055
Donald A Jacobson
B60D 1/06
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