05322179 is referenced by 62 patents and cites 12 patents.

A garbage can having an outer can, an inner can to be contained and hung in the outer can normally closed by two half caps being opened by a lever with a pedal stepped down to open the two half caps outward with a adhesive bar thereof closing and opening an open upper end of a garbage bag adhered to the bars simultaneously, and a garbage bag roll being stored below the inner can on the bottom of the outer can supplying garbage bags one by one continuously through a slot in the bottom of the inner cap.

Garbage can with garbage bags automatically deposited without manual handling
Application Number
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June 17, 1993
Publication Date
June 21, 1994
Chi En Ting
79, Alley 2, Sheng-Li Street, Yung-Kang Shiang, Tainan Shien
B65F 1/06
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