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A pill storage and dispensing container has a lower storage unit with a plurality of radially arranged individual pill storage compartments. An upper storage unit positioned directly above and nestled within the lower unit also has a plurality of similarly arranged storage compartments as well as one bottomless compartment. A top cover is positioned directly above the upper storage unit, and a dispensing opening in the cover is arranged to communicate with the various compartments in the upper unit as well as with the bottomless compartment and the various compartments of the lower storage unit as the cover is rotated relative to the storage units. A hub shaft releasably interconnects the upper and lower storage units and the top cover while allowing the storage units and cover to rotate relative to on another. Twenty eight individual storage compartments are provided in a compact container which enables pills to be dispensed four times per day over a seven day period.

Pill storage and dispensing container
Application Number
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April 30, 1993
Publication Date
June 21, 1994
Jonathan M Crowther
2609 Stephenson Dr., Wilmington, 19808
Connolly & Hutz
G07F 11/00
B65D 83/04
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