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It is presumed in the method that message cell streams having a high cell loss priority as well as message cell streams having a low cell loss priority appear on an ATM transmission line. The check of the admissibility of the set-up of a virtual connection via such a transmission line occurs in two steps. In a first step, a first capacity limit value, or a second capacity limit value that is lower in comparison thereto, is defined for the ATM transmission line based on the measure of the message cell streams having high cell loss priority, including the message cell stream to be potentially taken into consideration to be set-up. Proceeding on the basis of the respectively defined capacity limit value, a check is then made in a second step to see whether--taking into account all message cell streams transmitted via the corresponding ATM transmission line--a set-up of a virtual connection that has just been requested is possible.

Method for checking the admissibility of setting up virtual connections
Application Number
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March 27, 1992
Publication Date
June 14, 1994
Eugen Wallmeier
Hill Steadman & Simpson
Siemens Aktiengesellschaft
H04L 12/56
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