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A scalable visualization system includes a plurality of scalable tiles (10) that each comprise a display portion (18) and a processing portion (20). Each of the display portions (18) define a portion of a physical display space. Each of the processing sections defines a processing node in the parallel processing system. The parallel processing system operating on a single node or a plurality of nodes. A message fabric (36) is provided to connect CPU nodes (34) and each of the tiles (10) together. The tiles (10) are scaled by interconnecting them to form the desired display space with each of the display elements (18). As each tile (10) is added to the overall display space, an additional CPU node (34) is also added, such that not only is the display space scaled up from a physical coordinant standpoint, but the processing power is also scaled up. In addition, each of the CPU nodes (34) is operable to update an associated display list (28) that defines the parameters of the display element (18 ). Dependent upon the portion of the display space occupied by the display element (18), the display list (28) will vary. This is determined by the overall processor configuration that is made up of all the nodes (34) acting as a single parallel processing system.

Computer scalable visualization system
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January 11, 1991
Publication Date
June 14, 1994
William J Leddy
Ross Howison Clapp & Korn
Microelectronics & Computer Technology Corporation
H04N 7/18
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