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An automated classroom which integrates sources of video instructional materials, such as TV, CATV, VCR, video disk players, closed circuit TV, and the like, with sources of computer-based instructional materials is disclosed. Modulated video sources are converted to baseband and applied, along with baseband video sources, to a multichannel modulator or headend. The headend drives a local video network (LVN) which couples to a plurality of student workstations and to an instructor workstation. In addition a local area network (LAN) couples to the student workstations, the instructor workstation, and to a file server. Each of the instructor and student workstations includes a computer, a monitor control unit (MCU), a video display, and an audio transducer. The workstation computers couple to the LAN and the workstation MCU's couple to the LVN. A curriculum delivery system (CDS), located on the file server, causes computer-based instructional materials to be transferred from the file server through the LAN to selected ones of the student workstations, in which case such student MCU's route computer-based video and audio to their associated video displays and audio transducers. Additionally, under the control of the CDS through student computers and student MCU's, video instructional materials from the LVN may be displayed on video displays and audio transducers of selected ones of the student workstations. As a result of this system, student learning is interactive, individualized, and personalized in a multi-media environment.

Multimedia distribution system for instructional materials
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November 22, 1989
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June 7, 1994
Keith E Carver
John A Odozynski
GTE California Incorporated
G09B 7/00
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