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A vehicle speed control system for a vehicle is used, with a vehicle navigation system, for indicating a location of the vehicle on a road map as the vehicle travels and for providing information related to the road, including curves of the road. The vehicle speed control system receives information related to curves of a road on which the vehicle travels, such as the radius of curvature, when the vehicle navigation system indicates that the vehicle location is before the curve. The system calculates a limit vehicle speed, at which the vehicle can negotiate and pass safely through the curve, based on the vehicle speed and the radius of curvature of the curve. When the vehicle speed is higher than the limit vehicle speed, the vehicle speed control system provides a warning and/or automatically brakes the vehicle, or automatically closes a throttle of the vehicle, so as to lower cause the vehicle speed to fall below the limit vehicle speed.

Vehicle speed control system
Application Number
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January 21, 1992
Publication Date
May 24, 1994
Yutaka Fujii
Keck Mahin & Cate
Mazda Motor Corporation
G08G 1/01
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