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Wind turbine for generating electrical energy by means of wind energy, comprising a turbine rotor which can be mounted on a mast and is rotatable about a rotor shaft with one or more rotor blades, and a generator equipped with rotor and stator. The generator is a sector machine of the asynchronous type, the stator of which has one or more discrete stator sectors, and the rotor of which is in a continuous, uninterrupted annular form and is directly coupled to--and has the same angular speed as--the turbine rotor. The one or more discrete stator sectors extend only opposite a small part of the annular generator rotor, of which the rotary movement is always in one direction. Each discrete stator sector comprises two stator halves which are fixed on the legs of a U-shaped holder mounted on the mast and define an air gap between them. Each stator half contains a plate stack with slits for the coil windings, each individual plate of which is a single plate which is a circular segment shape. The annular generator rotor passes continuously into the air gap between the two stator halves of each discrete stator sector.

Wind turbine
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May 6, 1992
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May 24, 1994
Wilhelmus H J K Gribnau
Watson Cole Grindle & Watson
Holec Projects
H02K 41/02
H02K 7/18
F03D 9/00
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