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A new and improved plastic bag hanger device is presented for employing plastic bags, especially those plastic bags with handles which are used for bagging groceries, as liners for all sizes of trash receptacles The device comprises a clip member having an upwardly protruding flange and a downwardly protruding flange located on opposite sides of the clip member. The clip member is secured over the rim of a trash receptacle with plastic bag handles hooked onto the upwardly protruding flange if the trash receptacle is tall, or the downwardly protruding flange if the trash receptacle is short. The plastic bag hanger device may also include a second upwardly protruding flange for storing extra plastic handled bags.

Plastic bag hanger device
Application Number
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Application Date
December 11, 1992
Publication Date
May 24, 1994
Candice Carter Mann
10628 E. Turquoise Ave., Scottsdale, 85258
Laura J Zeman
David G Rosenbaum
B65B 67/04
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