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A float maker of the preferred embodiment consists of a mug and a removable mixing cap which is connectable to and detachable from the mug. The mixing cap covers a mug opening to define a lower chamber for containing carbonated soda pop. The mixing cap has detachable interlocking upper and lower sections which can be alternately assembled to define an upper chamber or disassembled. The lower section has a cylindrical sleeve which fits within and sealingly abuts against an interior surface of the mug. The lower section has a floor which separates the upper and lower chambers, and an entrance aperture formed along the periphery thereof to provide fluid passage between the upper and lower chambers. Similarly, an exit aperture is provided in the periphery of the upper section to provide fluid passage from the upper chamber. The entrance and exit apertures are offset from a central axis to facilitate flow of the beverage and to help reduce the melt rate of the ice cream contained in the mixing cap. Additionally, the upper and lower sections are rotatable relative to each other to adjust the amount of ice cream surface area contacted by the beverage to thereby control the float mixture according to one's desired taste.

Beverage drinking device capable of making ice cream floats
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October 6, 1992
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May 17, 1994
Dennis L Hamlin
Wells St John Roberts Gregory & Matkin
D N S Marketing
A47G 19/22
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