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A wheel adapted for use on a roller skate or the like includes a wheel member made of elastomer having shock-absorbing property, and a pair of disk members embedded into a central hole of the wheel member, and combinable with each other for firmly clamping two central rim portions on two opposite sides of the wheel member, so that the wheel member secured with the two disk members will be stably rotatably mounted on an axle provided on a mounting frame of a roller skate, a skate board or any other wheeled sporting equipments for enhancing a better stability, heat resistance, shock-absorbing property and ground-treading property of the wheel.

Wheel unit for in-line roller skate
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July 6, 1993
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May 3, 1994
Diana Ho
c/o Hung Hsing Patent Service Center, P.O. Box 55-1670, Taipei (10477)
B60B 5/02
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