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A spinal fixation apparatus and method wherein various elements are mounted to the vertebra and the sacrum of a spine and are selectively interconnected to achieve a predetermined fixation and/or correction of a particular spinal condition. The apparatus includes pedicle screws, bone screws, sacral rods, sublaminar hooks, spinous process hooks, longitudinal rods, lateral rods, universal interlinks, rod clamps, and pedicle screw anchors, all of which can be readily interconnected into a predetermined construct as a spinal fixation apparatus. A burr guide apparatus is provided to prepare the access site for a pedicle screw and a sacral screw guide is used to accurately align the pilot holes for the sacral screws.

Lumbar spine fixation apparatus and method
Application Number
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December 31, 1992
Publication Date
April 26, 1994
Donald W Bryan
6151 S. Woodland Dr., Ogden, 84403
J Winslow Young
A61F 5/02
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