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A catheter assembly for collecting fluid from a tubular organ into a drainage system includes a tubular body portion (12) having an end portion (14) and an intermediate portion (16) adjacent thereto. The end portion (14) includes a retaining balloon (30) for retaining the intermediate portion (16) within the tubular organ. The intermediate portion (16) includes a portion having an outer diameter smaller than the inner diameter of the catheterized tubular organ for allowing the free flow of fluid from the tubular organ and over the intermediate portion (16) to maintain the tubular organ infection free. A collection mechanism is operatively connected to the intermediate portion (16) and spaced from the end portion (14). The collection mechanism is insertable into the tubular organ for collecting the fluid flowing over the intermediate portion (16) and preventing fluid from escaping from the drainage system. A method of using the catheter assembly (10) is also disclosed.

Method of catheterization on and bladder drainage
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December 13, 1991
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April 26, 1994
Charles R Samples
465 Barr Ct., Akron, 44319
Reising Ethington Barnard Perry & Milton
A61F 5/44
A61M 5/00
A61M 29/00
A61M 31/00
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