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There is disclosed a new system for providing advertising information into an interactive system having a plurality of remotely located terminals. Each terminal includes a video display unit, logic and a video storage medium such as a hard disc in addition to the normal functions of the interactive system of which an ATM is an example. A remote centrally located commercial computer capable of transmitting digitized signals representing commercial offerings and compressed digitized video signals for display on the video unit communicates with each of the remotely located terminals. The compressed digitized video signals are stored on the hard disc of each terminal for display on the video unit at times determined by the use of the terminal. The user selects the services or goods offered by the terminal in the conventional manner. During the waiting time inherent in the operation of the terminal a high quality video advertising message is displayed on the video unit from the hard disc. The message will last for less then 15 seconds and the user selected function will continue at the conclusion of the message. The advertising message will be changed, updated and varied directly from the central computer.

Interactive advertising system for on-line terminals
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March 25, 1992
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April 19, 1994
Arthur J Murphy
Singer & Singer
Gerald Singer
G06F 15/21
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