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Methods and apparatus for prosthetic knee replacement permit preparation of tibial plateau and femoral condyle surfaces and implant of tibial and femoral protheses components with the use of arthroscopic surgical techniques. The bone surfaces are resected by moving a rotating milling cutter longitudinally across the bone surface and moving the rotating milling cutter substantially laterally across the bone. Cement is supplied between the prostheses and the bone surfaces after positioning of the prostheses on the bone, and cement bonding is enhanced by applying suction to the bone to draw the cement into the bone. The apparatus for resecting the bone surfaces includes a rotating milling cutter having a body with cutting edges and holes extending through the body communicating with the interior of the body. Suction is applied to the end of the body to draw out tissue fragments through the holes and out of the body.

Methods and apparatus for arthroscopic prosthetic knee replacement
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October 9, 1991
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April 19, 1994
James T Treace
2701 Bluffs Dr., Largo, 34640
Jeffrey G Roberts
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Richard B Caspari
2192 Sheppard Town Rd., Maidens, 23102
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